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Level Up, Dubai's newest recreational community sports centre, is the perfect destination for children and adults alike. Spread across a sprawling 40,000 square feet, our state-of-the-art facility offers a diverse range of programs including Gymnastics, Padel Tennis, Martial Arts, and Wellness. Additionally, we provide the ideal venue for hosting unforgettable birthday parties. With our dedicated birthday party booking service, you can celebrate special occasions in a fun and active way. Join us and discover a world of excitement, growth, and celebration at Dubai's premier recreational sports centre.

Our Gymnastics centre is the first in Dubai that teaches all four different FIG disciplines of gymnastics: Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline and Parkour. We are here and we’re committed to enriching the potential of young gymnasts as they focus on their form, strength, flexibility and development.

Our Padel Tennis, Martial Arts and Wellness centres are open to children and adults looking to develop their skills or learn something new.

We take pride in our team of highly qualified and internationally accredited coaches who were carefully selected to guide, inspire, and train their students on their extraordinary journey.

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Dubai’s leading competitive children’s gymnastics club in Dubai - Level Up Gyms

The Founder's Vision

LVL Up Gyms is a labor of love and the culmination of the dreams of 4 dads who shared the passion to create a professional athletically-charged space where both children and adults can realize their potential and nurture its growth. As proud fathers of girls, their journey together was sparked from the desire to build an environment of empowerment, a sports centre that instills life lessons they and other children would need.

In a rapidly evolving world, we all witness our children learning to navigate through their schooling, peers, adolescence, sentiments of acceptance and physical identity. We believe an athletic lifestyle or sports broadly provide the necessary tools to help our children triumph over challenges and conflicts – gaining the lessons of self-discovery, discipline, courage, patience, balance of body & mind and above all, grit. 

Level Up is a space where we aim to springboard the talent in the community, where sports can be both enriching mentally, physically as well as competitively. We are proud to welcome you to not only the new Gymnastics Center of Excellence but also one of the largest recreational sports centers this side of Dubai.

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