About Judo

Judo, lit. "gentle way," is a system of unarmed combat, modern Japanese martial art, an Olympic sport. They encourage children to try their best and strive to succeed. They use Judo as a tool to develop children into grounded young adults.

Key benefits

• Learning how to fall safely
• Helps in weight loss
• Improves strength, mobility, and flexibility
• Teaches discipline and respect
• Limits aggression

Meet the Coaches

Leonardo Mataruna

Country: Brazil

Leonardo is a highly accomplished judo coach with a 6th-degree Black Belt (Red & White  Belt) in Judo. He is also a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Previously, Leonardo served as a coach for the Brazilian Olympic and Paralympic Teams, where his guidance led to their remarkable achievement of 2 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals, and 10 Bronze medals.


It’s never too late for adults! We also enroll students from 16 years and above to find their passion and love for martial arts.