ABOUT Kickboxing

Searching for the best kickboxing gym in Dubai? Look no further than Heroes Kickboxing! Derived from Karate, kickboxing is a dynamic martial art that utilizes both hands and feet as points of contact. Our progressive curriculum emphasizes efficient movement and the ability to flow with techniques. At our gym, we build skills, confidence, and mental and physical discipline in every student. Join us in Dubai and unleash your inner hero through the exhilarating art of kickboxing. Reach your full potential and become your own hero at Heroes Kickboxing.

key benefits

• Reduces stress
• Boosts confidence level
• Improves coordination
• Burn mega calories

Meet The Coach

George Micouris 

Country: South Africa

George been involved with Muay Thai since 2000 starting off as amateur fighting out of Johannesburg, South Africa, with an amateur record of 23 fights with 18 wins. I began my pro career in 2006 with 18 fights 11 wins. Loved fighting and traveling, I have competed in Australia, Dubai, Iran, Greece and back home in South Africa

Classes Schedule

*All prices are inclusive of 5%VAT.